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Summary of Question:Please Suggest, Its Urgent
Date Posted:Wednesday, 2/18/2009 2:47 AM MST

Sat Shri Akal Ji,

Right now i am doing job in pune & belongs from rajasthan. When i came here no one is my friend, after some days i made some friends, on weekends we usually celebrate our weekends by drinking & eating non-veg., my room-mates were against it but i did it. Now my friends have some misunderstanding with me with the matter of one girl. Now they are not happy with me & force me to come on weekend & pressurize me to do as they want. Even they are local person so they have lots of friends but i m not. I have a lot of tension now days. I want to leave his companion. From last one week i am trying to avoid them. But they are with me in my job so everyday i have to face them.
Should i leave job?
I also want to take amrit, Can u please tell me when will i can take it in pune ?
or do you have any helpline no. for pune?
Please suggest !!!

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Sat Siri Akal Jio! Perhaps someone else will chime in with regard to Pune in particular, but I have some more general comments for you. Do not barter your values for benefits. Even if you only have one friend (Guru Ji) then everything will resolve itself. The answer to tension is to drop worrying. Just do seva and do your paath every day. You do not ave to figure this out. Guru Ji will figure it out for you if you let Him. You cannot take amrit. You can receive amrit when Guru Ji gives it to you. You will know the time.


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Please Suggest, Its Urgent (02/18/2009)
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