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Summary of Question:Deceived And In Immediate Need Of Help
Date Posted:Thursday, 2/19/2009 1:53 PM MST

Sat Sri Akal ji..I have been the victim of an internet scam, and lost a lot of money..It was my husband's hard-earned money, and I was trying to find a work from home job to assist him (we are in the US)..but it went terribly wrong and someone cheated us of a lot of money. We both do our nitnem and listen to katha on the internet, try to follow Guruji's teachings in every way we can..we never deceived or hurt anyone, then why did this happen to us? I feel so guilty and depressed, and feel let down. I cannot go out to work right now, and this scam has put us in a very weak financial position..

Can you please suggest some prayers which would help improve our financial situation and offsetting the effect of this disaster? I desperately need a miracle, we need to make good this loss immediately.. whatever you suggest I shall take it as commandment from Guruji through you, and follow it in word and spirit. Please respond soon!

Dear one,
You are fortunate to act wisely on the spiritual plane but unfortunate to act with naivite on the material plane.

I suggest that you and your husband both recite Rehiras Sahib daily with enthusiasm and gratitude. Rehiras gives prosperity. And be patient because there is no quick fix.

Bless you,


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