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Summary of Question:Future Predictations Of Nastradamus
Date Posted:Monday, 12/29/2008 8:27 AM MST

hi Sikhnet

Sat sri akal

I was just reading the predictations of nostradamus as everybody know what so ever was predicted by him shall happened on earth however on one page it is mentioned that wearing a Blue Turban the king of terror will rise from the east and will rule the whole world.

So it is written that in the age of aquarius a man in Blue turban will rise from the east
So I am thinking Muslims don't wear blue turban, No one wears blue turban apart from Nihanghs.

Please accept my apology for asking such a stupid question but it came in my mind !!

<<<< REPLY >>>>>

"what so ever was predicted by him shall happened on earth???" No way! Why pay any attention to predictions? Predictions are just one path among an infinite number of paths. All predictions are true, but the choices we make will lead us down one path or another. Think of life manifesting as tree branches that are growing and expanding into infinite regions. The flow of God's will (hukam) is a constant process.


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Future Predictations Of Nastradamus (12/29/2008)
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