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Summary of Question:Parents Will Not Listen And Change Their Minds On Caste
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Monday, 6/29/2009 4:27 AM MDT


I have written to you before regarding trying to tell me parents I want to marry a sikh who isnt the same as me.

Well my parents are so stuck in their ways they will not change their minds and let us marry, they say I have to marry a Jatt boy only. im 26 turing 27 and they have not even been looking for a boy for me....

I wont leave my family for anyone, but I will e sad for the rest of my life and will chose not to marry anyone else.

I tell my parents caste is thing of the past and we are all sikhs at the end of the day and we all have the same god....but my mum in particular says im wrong and were are all different and I can only marry a jatt from a good family who she likes the look of.

my bfriend is fully aware that it is a struggle, im just thinking of telling him to go and get married to someone he is aloud to.....his famaily will be ok with whoever he marrys...

im so depressed, my life a crap and all i do is go work and come home, go straight to my room and stay there until the next day...i dont eat and dont talk to anyone and I will keep on doing this until im old.

my parents then will see me without children or a husband and realise when its too late and im too old.

I hate all this caste business and my parents will never change their veiws on this topic - I dont know what advise you can give that will help me make it better? I have no1 to turn to, no family, no friends....
This challenge is an opportunity for you to expand and master. You are angry and reactive right now......talking about spiting yourself and your parents and your boyfriend is counter productive.
If you donot get your way you get angry and throw a fit? No, you outsmart all including your own mind. You can recite DHAN DHAN RAM DAS GUR............." REALLY GET INTO THE PAIN AND INJUSTICE OF your situation and look for surrender and guidence from Guru Ram Das. I sang it for 2 1/2 hours daily for 2 years to get though my challenge. It worked. Just do it daily for 31 minutes to one hour...for the next year. You will love what it brings to you.

Guru gave you this chance to learn something. Apply yourself and become great and see what Guru can manifest for you. SK

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Parents Will Not Listen And Change Their Minds On Caste (06/29/2009)
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