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Summary of Question:Does The Guru Granth Sahib Say I Can Not Marry A Non Sikh
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Monday, 2/26/2001 8:00 AM MST

I am in love with a Sri Lankan guy who may I add is absolutely wonderful.

Obviolusy my mother is dead against it and I want to know if the Guru Granth Sahib quotes anything along the lines of " a sikh can not marry outside the sikh religion"
I thought religion, especially sikhism was about treating everyone the same.
What is the point of praying if we can not even treat people like human beings and are always judging them because of where they are from.
My mum is very religious and she met my boyfriend and she really liked him because she said she thought he was hindu punjabi but as soon as she found out he was from the south she started disliking him.
I would appreciate your views on this matter.

Thanks alot
The Siri Guru Granth Sahib say to keep company with the Holy, men and woman of faith and discipline, and those who seek the path of truthful living. It also says that when you marry, to live as one soul in two bodies.

As far as your Mom is patient and take your time in pursuing this marriage. If this man is really a high caliber person, then he will support you and your family in your faith and Sikh traditions. Do not jump into marriage so quickly. Give your family time to adjust to your wishes. Show them and yourself, over time how good and complementary this relationship is.

I would reccommend that you both agree to give your relationship a year of peaceful and slow integration to win the hearts and minds of your parents. Start by the 2 of you agreeing to recite Jap Ji Sahib daily in English either together or individually. Whichever circumstances can permit.

You can find the translation on under English translation. This daily practice for the next year will give you both great clarity and wisdom. It will complement your relationship and win you a future with your love and your family.

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Does The Guru Granth Sahib Say I Can Not Marry A Non Sikh (02/26/2001)
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