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Summary of Question:Clarification Of Your Christianity Comment
Date Posted:Monday, 3/12/2001 11:10 PM MDT

Sat Sri Akal,

The March 10, 2001 reply to "The Guru's Teachings" has a line in it that reads: "Think about this: the Jews forbid pork, the Muslims forbid alcohol and pork, the Hindu's forbid beef, and the Christians allow everything!" and I would like to clarify that Christians don't "allow everything" as you so eloquently put it. Please be slightly more respectful in your generalizations; you wouldn't want someone to make rash generalizations about Sikhi...would you? There are different denominations of Christianity and each does have its guidelines for lifestyles. Taken as a random example, Seventh Day Adventists do not eat pork or other deemed unclean food such as fish without scales. Please be more careful in your responses because they could offend someone.

God Bless,



Thank you, Soni. You are absolutely right. We'll strive to be more careful in the future.


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Clarification Of Your Christianity Comment (03/12/2001)
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