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Summary of Question:Bad Thoughts
Date Posted:Monday, 7/06/2009 12:33 AM MDT

hello i really do not know what to do i believe in waheguru i try to be a good person

but sometimes in my head i get this weird noise in my head tellin me to do wrong things and like when i prey gives me bad thoughts about god i try to ignore it but it alwyz comes i am trying to be a good person i do not do anything bad no more i am growing my hair out im going to be starting to listen to phat in the morning and evening and stop eating meat i dont know what to do this voice alwys tells me bad things and like alwyz tells me to reapeat everything i do like prey then prey again or like do everything twice i dont know please give me advice
Dear one, your monkey mind is working hard because your meditation is succesfully speaking louder and drowning out the negative internal voice. We all have this process to master. You are doing great. Keep up and..............use the bani of Guru Gobind Singh to weaken this internal negative voice.....GOBINDAY MUKUNDAY UDHARAY APAARAY HARIAND KARIANG NIRNAAMAY AKAMAY...recite this when the negativity becomes overwhealming. Sounds like you are doing great.SK

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Bad Thoughts (07/06/2009)
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