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Summary of Question:What Shuld I Do? Not Able To Understand Y V R Quite?
Date Posted:Thursday, 8/19/2010 1:06 AM MDT

wjk wjf,

i saw a few of videos on youtube and read a few articles on net. one article says that "1984 masarce of sikhs was justified as consideration to indira gandhi's murder by bhai beant singh and satwant singh" and a video i saw on you tube horrified me. its . i tried to tak about all this to mah dad and he said beter dont get in al this issues. what is all this hapening? y r v quiet? y does sgpc or siri akal takhat sahebji do sumthin abt it? please try to understand me and do reply. ny1 whom i sk this tries to ignore it, now u cant do so. i want an answer from u. now u cant do the same as evry other person does. i hope u wud hav the courage to answer this and not to ignore this like othrs.

i knw i mite hav said a lot of thins i shudnt. bhul chuk di khima.
wjk wjf


Sat Nam Dear,

Sometimes we do not reply right away because we just don't have enough people answering questions.
What happened in the past has happened and it can not be changed. If we live in the past we will never have a future. Sikhs can only live for the future. If you read the Mool Mantra you will find one important word there describing the creator and that is "Revengeless". How ever painful the events of the past may have been for all of us, or how ever outrageous the things that were done to us, we, as people, shall abide by one truth and move forward with our lives.

If you study history you will see that all sorts of things have been done to all nations. All sorts of atrocious acts have been committed and are still being committed in many places around the world against every nation on this planet. Every religious group has been insulted infinite times and every human being on this planet knows what it means to be insulted. These are simply the times we are living in. The answer to all of that is not in doing anything about it that will perpetuate the abuse any further. The only real answer we have as the people of this planet is to forgive and stop the violence one person at a time.

It is our own individual step up in consciousness that will save the whole world. We need to leave all the violence of all kinds justified or not behind us and move on into a new age of love.
If you can find it within yourself to forgive everyone involved in this particular situation or any other situation then you will find the true strength within yourself. Revenge or any other violent or disturbing act that any one can commit is a very easy thing to do. However, to forgive and move on is one of the hardest.

Work on yourself and find that forgiveness within your heart. Forgive every person in your life who does not even deserve to be forgiven. One after the other line them up in your mind and keep forgiving. It may not even be that hard in the long run. Find out how loving you can actually be instead of exploring other possibilities and you will find he true Wahe Guru inside of you.


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What Shuld I Do? Not Able To Understand Y V R Quite? (08/19/2010)
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