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Summary of Question:Masturbation
Date Posted:Sunday, 8/08/2010 8:35 AM MDT


I always wonder what unmarried women does to satisfy her sexual needs when she feels sexcited. We all know unmarried men turn to masturbation for satisfying their needs. What about women. And when does women get pregnant, is it during the sexual intercourse done only during her periods.



Please do the search on Youth Forum for this topic. This question has been answered before.
When a woman is pregnant it is best for her to meditate a lot and not to engage in any sexual activity after 120th day. The hormones that the sexual act produces in her body are not very good for the babies development. Also the sexual act with her husband or partner in the later stages of the pregnancy is considered disrespectful and may even be damaging to the unborn child.


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Masturbation (08/08/2010)
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