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Summary of Question:Punjab And How Do Sikhs Idenify With It?
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Friday, 2/16/2001 8:52 PM MST

hi, i'm a yr 12 student studying different rligions. I am doing a big assignment on sikhism and i was wondering if you could answer a question i had. If not i understand but if possible it would be much appretiated.

What is the punjab and how do sikhs identify with it?

Punjab is a state in the country of India. It is the land where the Sikh faith was born 500 years ago. Punjab existed as a place before the country of India was formed 50 years ago. The language and culture of Punjab is the same as the language and culture of the Sikhs. There are also Punjabi Muslimsas well as Punjabi Hindu's.

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Punjab And How Do Sikhs Idenify With It? (02/16/2001)
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