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Summary of Question:Baba Sri Chand Mantar
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/12/2009 12:13 PM MDT

Vahguruji ka khalsa vahguru ji ki fateh

There was a question posted up by someone on 2/28/2009 about the Baba Sri Chand protection mantar. I've come across it on the net on sites related to 3HO. However, I am uncertain about whether the penultimate word in 'Alakh baba sri chand de/daa/di/dee rakh' should be daa (with a kanna), di/dee (with a bihari) or de (with a laav). Could you please clarify for me?

Also, I am aware that it is for emergencies, to protect oneself from the attack of another individual, and am also aware that it is to be recited once only. Does that mean once in total for the problem at hand, or once a day until the problem disappears? Websites are unclear on this.

Thank you kindly

Sri Akaal Sahai
I understand is was "dey rakh". Just do it once and be done.SKK

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