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Summary of Question:Learning Gatka
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Sunday, 3/04/2001 7:59 PM MST

Sat Sri Akal Ji

For a very long time i've been wanting to learn "Gatka"
but the problem is, there is no one where i live who
teaches it, i was wondering is there a place in india
where someone can teach me Gatka even if im on vacation there for a couple
of days, by the way im in my twenties, hope im not too old for it.
Thank You For Your Time

Sat Sri Akal

There is a gatka camp in France from July 17-25. For more info contact Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa. [email protected] or phone in Germany (49)(30) 885-4620
You are not too old!

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Learning Gatka (03/04/2001)
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