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Summary of Question:Is It All Destined Not To Migrate?
Date Posted:Friday, 6/25/2010 12:39 PM MDT

I don't know where to start, but basically I am from a reasonably well off business family in Delhi, India. I had a great interest in emigrating to the United States but my parents were never in favour of it and didn't support me. I finished my bachelor's graduation in India and was then told I can go for my M.B.A. in U.S.A., but instead, I was sent to U.K. by my parents. After studying 1 year in the U.K., I could not secure a job and came back to India. Now, I feel all my dreams of settling abroad in U.S.A. are permanently shattered and I am also married and have a kid. I speak to my parents and they keep saying it is 'Satgur Da Bhana' i.e. God's will, and if you were destined to go you would, but since it is not destined, that is God's will. I really don't know what to do and where to go, I feel completely lost and at the same time obliged by family business commitments here. I really need help and would appreciate if someone could respond as soon as possible since immigration to U.S.A. apparently has become very tough. Is this all destined? Is this how its meant to be? Am I helpless in this state?


Sat Nam,

Just looking at the state of things of world economy if you were not able to get a job in UK what makes you think you will be able to do it in US ? Have you ever been to US? I hear it is far more boring here than in India. You will want to drag your whole family though hardships of immigration for what ?
It sounds to me that the purpose of your idea to move is actually pointless. You have a good life where you are, you don't need to run from anything the way other people do. You maybe moving into a worse economic situation than the one you have in India. What's the point ?
Why don't you buy a ticket and come here for the holidays, spend some time and then go home. Life is always better where you were born. Getting yourself and your family uprooted for no apparent reason and create pain over it does not seem like a very good idea.


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