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Summary of Question:Amrit Vela And Getting Up
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 6/15/2000 10:49 AM MDT

Dear Sikhnet wjkk wjkf,

I am having some difficulty and was wondering if you can help.

1)I am having quite a bit of trouble waking up at amrit vela.I am amritdhari and it has always been an issue for me.Presently I am taking night classes and endup up getting to bed around 12 midnight, and up around 9-10am I just feel so tired and have no energy to get up, but it seems this is always the problem even if there are no night classes .I used to always make "mental" commitments to myself that I would get up, or start on a plan to get up like half an hour earlier every week or somthing on those lines but it never worked out.Could you suggest some remedies for the problem.What time is prescribed for amrit vela?

2)When we have our dinner or any meal is it true that we should not drimk water till three hours after in order to let the food digest?


Dear One:

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

(1) On a schedule like yours, I am not surprised you are tired. The Amrit Vela is the ambrosial hours of the morning, usually 3:30-6:30/7 am, depending on the season. More simply, it is the hours before the sun rises over the horizon.

It is VERY hard to get up on a few hours sleep. Moreover, getting up in amrit vela is a practice that takes the body and mind TIME to adjust into. After a time, you will find the simran REPLACES (some of) the sleep you currently need.

If you, practically speaking, cannot get up to do your banis and simran, then do them after you arise, WHENEVER that is. SOMETHING is better than nothing; some practice is better than none at all. In Nanak's time we had farmer's schedules and no electricity. Amrit Vela is absolute BEST time to meditate on Waheguru, but that does not mean other times are worthless. Do what you can when you can.

Also, perhaps you want to rethink your schedule so that you CAN make it a habit to get up in Amrit Vela. It's your choice (and there is always a choice). Meanwhile, practicing getting up a little earlier each week is a good way to train the body. Resistance is going to happen and your mind will make excuses, because that's what minds do. Go through it and keep your commitment.

It helps IMMENSELY to have someone else keep the practice, or a whole group of you who practice together. See if you can arrange that.

re (2) the answer is yes. Water can cause the food in your stomach to ferment and this can disease the gastro-intestinal tract (and also cause constipation). Best to wait 2-3 hours before watering your body!

Guru Rakha,

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