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Summary of Question:Deception Of A Loved One By Black Magic.
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Thursday, 5/28/2009 6:25 PM MDT

Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh.

guru pyario, i have read through some of the FAQ's regarding this topic, but i have to be specific with what i need to ask you.

Scenario is this.

my mum has a large family, one of which an older sister who has had her fair share of bad times in her life. She turned to sikhi and took amrit and began to lead the life of a gursikh. she went to india and was taken under the wing of a "nihang singh".
She has changed, she began having "posessions" from who she told everyone was baba deep singh ji. she went on to make everyone believe that she could help them in there lives. for years we have been giving money, thousands of pounds for help with our day to day problems. i told my mother not to pay and to have more faith in our guru. We have guru granth sahib ji in our house and i told her ages ago to stop relying on these rituals.
However things kept as they were. things went from bad to worse. We have now found out that this person was infact acon artist and has taken thousands of pounds from us and other members of the family. she and this nihang singh are aparantly capable of snatching the life out of someone using black magic and is almost holding everyone who has been donating money to ransome now.
its now a question of what to do????? how do i convince people to look to the guru to help us?? aparently black magic is responsible for this all. we are a gurusikh family, we do guru jis sewa daily as well as jaap guru jis naam and what we can, but it is now a question of what we are supposed to do about this threat. for some reason i am not scared,i am not scared to face death from anything, i will stare it in the face and smile. but i do not want to see my family suffer.
please advise. please help me point me to the right direction. even if you have to give my e-mail address to someone who can help, please do.

[email protected]

wahe guru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fathe.

Sat nam. You cannot make anyone believe in Guru above all. You cannot make someone fearless by talking to them. The fearful and insecure need to empower themselves to have faith and to be fearless. This is the root of the problem you are describing. As a result, your karm is to watch your loved ones make the same mistakes over and over again. If the Sikh practices of your household are done as ritual and not with heart, then the ones doing them are not internalizing Guru and are therefore susceptible to the 'con', whether they are fooling themselves or being fooled. Best thing for you to do is keep up your simran and bani practice. Try to get them to join you, but do not be attached to results. Distance yourself emotionally from their self-induced suffering and be neutral rather than resistant. Of course, do not personally buy into their insecurity either! Build your own spiritual strength and wisdom. Guru Nanak tells us in Japji that we can liberate our family by our own spiritual work. Build yourself a spirituality that is fearless and faithful and understand with your intuition that their 'suffering' is also part of God's plan. PS: If you have hard evidence of criminal misdoing, please do not hesitate to bring in the police so that the con artist cannot continue. Guru ang sang,

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Deception Of A Loved One By Black Magic. (05/28/2009)
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