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Summary of Question:Cutting Hair And Nails
Date Posted:Thursday, 4/19/2001 8:49 AM MDT

hello I would like to say well done on the site. Just what the sikh youth today need to find out about their religion.

My question is if sikhs do not cut their hair because God gave them hair and we should accept it and cherish it, why then do we cut out fingernails? I mean they have also been given to us, and although you may say long nails are not practical/unhygienic it is known that fingernails grow just as hair do. I also have very long hairs on my underarms, this really does bother me as i do have a bad problem with smell. Sikhism does state cleanliness and seeing that these hairs are out of sight is it wrong if i cut them?
Thank you for your time it is much appreciated.
Blessings. Fingernails are not alive as the hair is, they are cartilage that protect your fingers while hair is antenna that channels the subtle electromagnetic charge around the body.

The hair is there whether seen or not, belongs on your body and should not be cut.

The smell of your body relates not only to washing it, it also exhudes the odor form the food you eat. Vegetarians have much less body odor than meat eaters. Food that does not digest easily.....sits inside you body and putrefies....this causes the odor. Also, washing your clothes regularly cuts the smell too.

Cutting or shaving your underarm hair will not eliminate body odor. Nor will deodorants....they just block the flow of persperation or cover with another smell.

Eating a light healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegies, drinking LOTS OF WATER (8 glassses a day) keeps the system flushed out. Cut out the greasy fries and burgers and cut out the soda and chips. Exercise daily and sweat each day and you will have a healthier sweeter constitution.

God bless you, SKKK

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Cutting Hair And Nails (04/19/2001)
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