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Summary of Question:Desperate
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Saturday, 6/06/2009 9:12 PM MDT

my uncle is bedridden. he cannot get up, walk, or work. he has lost his job because of his health condition. the doctors really don't know what wrong with him and he is not in any physical pain to say the least. he used to believe in saints and everything was going great. he still does path and loves god. the problem is that a friend of him detached him from his sadhu and now that friend has gotten him and the family to do ritualistic things. when my uncle makes any major decision in his household, he always calls his friend for every single little thing. All the family members listens to him, not one family member questions why or what. this is not normal at all. I don't know how to approach since he is my uncle and when i do say something, he always has an answer for me without even thinking. this friend has some power of suggestion on him.

my gut does not trust this man at all but at the same time. i love my uncle to pieces. this influence has been going on for about 3 to 4 years or so . he asks him everything, i mean everything. my uncle does not think for himself. what can i do, i'm desperate and think about my uncle all the time 'cause i feel
he is in danger. can you help, please. may god bring me an answer.
Call on Baba Siri Chand to break any imposition this man may have over your uncle.
"Alakh Babey Siri Chand Day rakh". Say it once and let it be and see over time the result.

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Desperate (06/06/2009)
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