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Summary of Question:Husband
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 5/02/2001 1:02 AM MDT

Dear moderatorji,

i would first like to thank you for the anwers that have been provided to me through this forum.I do not know whether this question should be put up here but i feel that a lot of womwn all over the world & in the sikh faith, suffer from this abuse, so, I thought that it would be justified if i ask my questioon here.
my problem is that i have a husband who is alcoholic & of course, denies it.he drinks & then misbehaves & hurts me with his words & sometimes physically as well.This creates a lot of mental anguish & i do not want to know him at all but for the sake of my kids i keep quiete. i have promised my kids that i will bear anything for their sake but i would also like to see my husband turn to the way of the Guru. Is there any way in the sikh way of life that I can do, some path that will make my husband leave this habit or give me strength to bear all this?
My dear sister. This is a social problem for many Sikh women.

You are very wise to ask for a spiritual solution. This will not only give you strength it will give you clarity to act clearly and wisely rather than endure abuse and insult. This will help you, your husband and your family. His abuse to you is also self abuse, as you probably understand. So, starting to make a spiritual connection and base for your self and your husband and family will nuture everyone....and especially you!

The Shabd meditation that you request can be found in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib and Amrit Kirtan on page#561. It is in the 6th Slok from the end of Asa Diwar. You should recite it in Gurmukhi. I will give you the English translation.

The Siri Guru Granth Sahib says in Guru Nanak's Bani..."Bhand jamee-ai, Bhand nimee-ai, bhnad manganaa viaho........."(Asa Diwar shabd).

Within a woman man is concieved, within a woman, man is born.
With a woman, he is engaged and married.
With a woman, man enjoys friendship.'
Through woman the generations of life continue.
When a man's wife dies, he seeks out another.
To a woman, man is bound.
Why call her bad who gives birth to kings?.
From a woman, a woman is born, without woman, there would be no one..

Recite this shabd 11 times every day or sing it with full concentration for 31 minutes. Do this for the next 90 days and be prepared to make it a regular part of your life. A woman who sings this will have God's own shield around her. It will stop the indignity and bestow the dignity.

God bless you and Keep up with your devotion, SKKK

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Husband (05/02/2001)
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