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Summary of Question:Paat
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Tuesday, 1/30/2001 12:05 AM MST


I'm learning punjabi, but I don't know it nearly well enough yet to actually read the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, and i was wondering if reading the english translation of any of the bani's, or even the english translation of the Guru Granth Sahib is okay, and if it still has the same value?

I was also wondering about gold kara's, because I've seen a few people wearing them. I don't really think it's right, but what if the person is allergic to steal, because that's the situation with my 3 year old little cousin, and I was just wondering if there's any other solutions.

Thank-You, God Bless
If you can only read the English then read it with concentration and daily, This is great and you will get great benefit! Read them out loud so you can hear and listen to the words you speak. The Gurmukhi does have a special effect on the Pineal and the pituitary glands. When you are more fluent in Gurmukhi you can enjoy and experience this too. The power of Gurus' bani does extend into all the languages. So, enjoy and use what you can now.

Yes, some people do get rashes from Kara's. Some try stainless, some try steel. You can experiment and try different kara's from different places. Maybe you can do a white gold kara if nothing works.

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Paat (01/30/2001)
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