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Summary of Question:Life Going Down The Drain
Date Posted:Thursday, 10/22/2009 8:08 PM MDT

So in my school i have been framed for atleast 3 things that i have not done. Suspended once even. Then today at break, everybody had a phone or ipod out and i had mine out, then the teacher chooses me out of everyone and takes my device away.! I cannot take these things anymore

what should i do!?!?!?!?!


Sat Nam,
It sounds to me that you need to learn some things about your energy and your projection. Once you understand it better you can put it to good use. There are always two sides to every situation. If your projection is strong enough to be constantly noticed for negative things you can switch it to be constantly noticed for good things. It is up to you. But you need to be very smart about it. Watch and see what does it. Behave like "goody two shoes" for a while ;o). Don't bring any devices to school, don't hang out with wrong people... change some of your ways and see what will happen. Wait until people change their mind about you but be very patient. There is a message in all of this somewhere and you need to figure out what it is.
You are in charge of your own situation, make it work for you not against you. After a while it may all just balance itself out and you will be out of the bad spot in life but it may require some effort on your part.
Life never goes down the drain it just presents you with some interesting challenges.
Are you up for this challenge? And are you ready to have fun with it?


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Life Going Down The Drain (10/22/2009)
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