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Summary of Question:Confused
Date Posted:Friday, 6/26/2009 2:47 AM MDT

fateh ji.

i got a lot of things to talk abt. well firstly, i have a bf who is 3 yrs younger then me..but we along realli well. the thing is that he recently told me that we dont talk much and he feels its getting weak. i told him to be postive and he said he will. i dont know how to keep it alive. its like when i text him he hardly sms me back or take ages to reply. then sometimes, i feel he aint interested in me. im scared and dont know wat to do. i realli love him a lot and wanna keep this relationship going..
another thing is that in my hse, im the religious one and want to live the sikh way of life but i dont hv the support..i feel my own family members dont understand me all. and when i wanna go to a gursikh's hse for they would have kirtan with other gursikhs all they wont allow me even if they know these gursikhs very well.. my whole family would be against it..i heard someone telling me this tht when u wanna go closer to Guru u have more challenges to face from He is testing u. but i feel like so weak and like i've given up..and i dont know why i dont do my paath when i know i have to.. i dont know wat to do..i feel so confused..i feel everyone just show me a nice face..i feel realli demoralized and alone!!
i hope u can help me
fateh ji
You cannot control your Boyfriend. He may not be good enough for you. Relax and know that there are many others in this world that can love and respect you.

If your family will not let you go then organize a kirtan at home...or invite a friend or two to recite Japji or rehiras together. The group energy is very supportive and if you have a friend or 2 come over daily or even once a week it will give you great joy. OR, recite with your family. SK

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Confused (06/26/2009)
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