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Summary of Question:I'm 15 And Have Some Hair Issues
Date Posted:Thursday, 8/07/2008 12:57 AM MDT

Fateh to all,

I'm a 15 year old male living in New Zealand. My parents are amritshakked; I have told them I choose my own path and will take amrit when I know I can truly treasure it. I have unshorn hair and a growing beard. I grew my beard very early (about 14 onwards) It now covers my jaws, and is rapidly growing on my cheeks. I have gone through my fair share of racism and 'looks,' which I usually brush off - sometimes I do reteliate.. never to a stage of regret though.

I wear a patka to school/town and a distar to Gurudawara. Anyway, I choose to wear an additional folded 'paisley patterned' bandanna (forming a strip) across my forehead, on top of my patka, which is tied and tucked in. There is nothing 'wrong' with is there? I do not belong to any gangs; I condone what alot of them do; however I do prefer the colours black and blue.

Secondly, I'm experimenting with maintaining my beard. There are not many young sikh boys in my city; some do have unshorn head hair, but they shave.. I don't shave my beard or cut my head hair. I'm prety much a lone soldier. Mum has bought me that 'fixco' stuff that sardaar men use to 'keep' their beards down. However I can't stand that smell or trust those chemicals. I prefer to use conditioner, and am now using small rubber bands- These do alter the image of my beard. Is this alright?

Finally, my guta/joora is getting smaller and smaller. My mum is very worried. I wash my hair once a week, and comb/maintain it every day. However when I comb it, it just falls out =( I try combing carefully and it still happens. I don't know what to do.. I can't have knots and uncombed hair! Dad says baldness runs in the family, his thaiya ji lost all the hair from his body. I doubt this will happen to me, as it's only my head hair that is diminishing.

Please, I'm not asking for you to judge me. I just want someone to talk to or might know what I'm feeling. =/ thank you


As I am home with the flu, I can't go to our Baisakhi Day celebration today, so I am listening to the Haciende de Guru Ram Das Gurdwara kirtan, live. Thank goodness for Sikhnet. I thought I would answer a few Forum questions. Your's touched my heart.

Don't judge your self. You are keeping up the best you can under the circumstances. May I suggest that you try to come to the Miri Piri Camp in Espanola, New Mexico this June. It is being advertised on SikhNet. You need to be inspired by other Sikh youth from all over the world that are coming. There you will meet other Sikh youth that are going through the same things you are. You are not alone. Talk to your parents about his possibility.

Try very hard to resist cutting your hairs. Hold true to your values and beliefs. It is Baisakhi Day. You are a son of Guru Gobind Singh. Feel his love and strength in you.

Many blessings to you. JJK

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I'm 15 And Have Some Hair Issues (08/07/2008)
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