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Summary of Question:What To Answer To Them.....
Date Posted:Thursday, 12/14/2000 1:22 AM MST

hi there ,

waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh !!!

i'm in a very deep confused state...i'm a sikh boy studying in a college back in MALAYSIA...and in my college there are a lot of international problem is that there is this particular guy from MORROCO who is a MUSLIM and the other day while i was sitting with him in the lab, his friend (ARABIAN) came over and after some talking he began asking about SIKHISM and it was more focused on my turban..when suddenly this MOROCCON guy said that did i know that SRI GURU NANAK DEVJI was a MUSLIM before and he actually came out from ISLAM and started his own teachings which everyway similar to the ISLAMIC teachings. I was first shocked and dumbfounded at his statement because i know that was not true and quickly i told him that that is not at all true and went further telling him that GURUJI actually favoured all the religion that existed back there then and shortly after he left the earth, the HINDUS and MUSLIMS start claiming his body, which resulted the trend of people from both the religion claiming that

GURUJI was theirs.but he answered back that my info was wrong and i'm not clear of what actually happened back there.he continued that he elders back in MOROCCO told him this and the are highly reliable.i was very frustated that i changed the topic but he went on explaining this to the ARABIAN guy. i was so angry that i left from now i would some help on how to explain him the truth and also how to answer this kind of question in the future. your advice will really help me.thank you very much.

Greetings to you in the Name of God the light of every soul and in the Name of Guru the life of every Sikh.

Dear one, perhaps now, you have recovered from your incident and can laugh that still the Muslim is trying to claim Guru Nanak as his own.

I would not worry about this situation. You are the Sikh, just as Guru Nanak was the first Sikh. If Guru Nanak had thought Islam was so great he would never have given us our identity as creations of the One Creator.

Let this one go. This man was not really interested in Sikhism. He was more interested in impressing his friend. There are so many fools in this world and they too are created by God.

In summary, you can just see this person and how shallow and insulting his behevior was to you and to his friend. You do not need to react or even try to prove him wrong. You will be wasting your energy. Be cool and see how the hands of time balances this event. Just be grateful that you are not him. Also, keep in mind that the one who slanders you eats up your karma.

God bless you and keep up in your experience of the power of Wahe Guru.

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