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Summary of Question:Would This Be Wrong?
Date Posted:Wednesday, 8/04/2010 1:30 PM MDT

Satnaam Ji,

Would it be wrong if I sold some of my late Mother's jewelry? Or would it be more appropriate if I kept it? I mean I looked at it and thought of selling it and then donating the money in langar or to the poor, but then I also felt kind of bad for selling it. Would it be disrespectful if I sold it??

I can remember her wearing it and then I imagine it sitting on display in a shop, it makes me feel sad and bad.

Please tell me what I should do so that I am able to do the right thing.

God bless you all.


Sat Nam,

Do what you feel is right. It does not matter either way if you keep it or give it away or sell it. Your mother always lives in your heart not the memories of the jewelry she wore.
My suggestion though is to look around and see if you have any other relatives you may want to have those things. Don't sell anything before you know for sure no one else wants it or needs it. Is anyone in your family poor and needs help for example ? Charity always starts at home.


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Would This Be Wrong? (08/04/2010)
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