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Summary of Question:Kinds Of Turbans
Date Posted:Friday, 6/16/2000 9:25 AM MDT


I was wondering that many people wear different kinds of turban. Some original indian-Sikh wear turban which is very common. Malayasian Sikh wear very small and very different kind of turban. Some (rare) wear Round turban just like many american sikh. Is there any significance of wearing different turbans.

Vicky singh


Dear Vicky Singh,
Sat Siri Akal. There are many kinds of turbans that result from cultural differences and from practical considerations (such as type of cloth used, and how long a turban it is). There is no significance to the different turbans, from a Sikh point of view. They are still the form of Guru Gobind Singh.

God bless you,

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Kinds Of Turbans (06/16/2000)
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