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Summary of Question:Meditation For Marriage
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Tuesday, 2/01/2011 2:48 PM MST

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

I am not sure if a question similar to this has been asked before ( I did a fairly thorough check on the database and did not find anything)so I'm hoping I can get some guidance.

I am a 25 year old Sikh female and been in a steady relationship with a Sikh male for almost 4 years. Things between us are generally great, our parents have met and both families are happy. The set back is that my "significant other" has an older sister (29 years old) who is not married. His side feels that before anything can go forward between him and I that his sister should be married and we need to wait (approx 2 years) because of pressure from family and society she would feel if her younger brother was to get married before her. I am getting a fair amount of pressure from my side since I am coming to the 'age of marriage' and I genuinely feel that I am ready to move onto the next chapter of my life but I am being held back because of this and its very discouraging. I feel very disheartened that because of this I am not able to start my life with the person I feel very strongly for. I also feel there is no real compromise coming from his side.

Basically, I am asking if there is a meditation or shabad I can meditate on in regards to helping his sister find a suitable guy and moving our reltionship to the next level at a reasonable pace that

Your help and guidance is much appreciated.
Dear one, this is a challenge. You can do the recitation of the prayer SOPURKH NINANJAN....from Rehiras, by Guru Ram Das. Recite this 11 times a day for the sister. Then it would be good if you can recite this 11 times a day for yourself as well. There are a fwe CD's of this shabd where it is recited 11 times if you need accompanyment.

What do your parents think about this situation of having to wait? Seems very superstitous. SK

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Meditation For Marriage (02/01/2011)
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