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Summary of Question:Need Appropriate Answer
Date Posted:Wednesday, 6/16/2010 6:38 AM MDT

Hi i am an amrit dhari sikh girl.I am a very religious person and to serve my Guru and my religion in every way is my sole aim of life.Fuel of my life is NAAM AND BANI.I cannot listen to any damn thing against my sikhi,i start boiling when someone speaks anything against it.With Guru Ji's bleesings i can shut anybody's mouth cz i hve knowledge about my religion but i am confronted with one question very often and i don't know the real answer to it.The question is "why do sikhs keep hair?"i usually answer that we don't discard anything which God gas given us but then they ask that "why do you cut nails then,they are also given by God"then i am not able to answer properly.I request you to please give me an appropriate answer so that in future i can give a proper reply.Please help me with this.

Guru's Sewak


Sat Nam,

Energetically hair is an extension of your electromagnetic field in your body. It is your natural antenna that helps you charge your aura and make it strong. Strong aura means strong defense against negative energy. Also means healthier body and mind. When we put our hair up in the rishi nut it helps our Kundalini energy come up from the bottom of our spine much easier and help us heal ourselves and potentially become very spiritual beings.
It is important not to cut our hair for a few reasons. One is that if you do you damage your electromagnetic field. Two is, hair is made of pure protein, if you cut it your body used up much needed supply of protein to regrow hair back to fix the electromagnetic field. If you are a vegetarian you can not afford to be losing so much protein just to keep restoring you aura.

Nails on the other hand are made for scratching and digging etc. They naturally mad to be filed away through some kind of manual labor. When you use an emery board to file your nails you give your fingers healthy stimulation that sends message to the brain to balance all elements in your body. It is very healthy and natural to file nails instead of cutting them as it provides much needed stimulation.


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