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Summary of Question:Regarding Kurehit
Date Posted:Wednesday, 12/10/2008 5:58 PM MST



satnam ji, i had been an amrit dahri sikh but about a year ago i don't know what compelled me to do so but i had cut my beard. now when i think of it i am teriffied and i feel a great burden on myself. i dont cut my hair now and i m leading a gursikh life now. i hav decided to have amrit again but now i am student and being so it is not always possible to do the whole "path" daily and thats the reason i hav decided to have amrit after my studies. no one knows that i hav done the khandan of amrit and when anyone asks me that if i am an amrit dhari , i feel great guilt and the same feeling i hav whenever i go to gurdwara saheb ji. please guide me what should i do, i hav done ardas to babaji to repent but is it enough on my part? should i take amrit again? if yes then now or after completition of my studies?and apart from this i am also worried about accepting in he whole sangat that i hav done harm to my hairs. what should i tell the panj-pyarae's when they ask me why r u taking amrit the second time?
if i hide from them that i m taking amrit the second time is it a paap?please help me. now i feel great guilt of what i hav done.

Dear one,
You are carrying too much shame and guilt. This is a stress and you must correct it to clear your mind.
People make mistakes but best thing about a mistake is when you take the opportunity to correct it.

In your case, best would be for you to take your Amrit Vows again asap. Of course you want to discuss with the Punj Piarey what you had done to break your vows in the first place. This is an important part of your process. Not reading a bani does not break your vows but cutting your hair does. If you are coming to Winter Solstice in Florida next week we will be giving Amrit Sanchar.

See how you are not complete in yourself without your marriage with Wahe Guru. Punj Piare can give you some seva to do. But all will be part of your discussion. Welcome this and use it to reset yourself.

Blessings to you,

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Regarding Kurehit (12/10/2008)
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