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Summary of Question:Trimming Hair
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/08/2001 12:41 PM MDT

i am sikh girl my problem is that i working as front office assitant

some times i have to leave my hair open but due split ends in my hair i cant leave them open . please tell me can i trim my atleast one's my parent's has no problem in triming my hair . or should i burn them.
please reply fast

Why do you have to wear your hair down? Oiling your hair properly and wearing the hear up in a covered coil on top of you head will prevent getting split ends. It is important to care for your hair properly so that you do not get split ends. Fix your split ends now, and then care for your hair properly and do not wear it down during the day. Comb it up during the day and keep your head covered. Comb it down and braid it at night.


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Trimming Hair (04/08/2001)
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