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Summary of Question:In Need Of Positive Role Models
Date Posted:Sunday, 6/20/2010 7:23 PM MDT

Sat shri Akal!

HELP!i desperately need a positive role models (so i can stay positive) ordinary Sikh people whom i can relate to, who are alive, have achieved something, are an inspiration, and by hearing or reading about them one should get the message of Chardikala and that everyhting will be fine.

I am an NRI, everyday there is something about all the negative things, and i need positivity for a change.

So, i turn to my fellow sikhs, plz post any news, etc that is positive


Sat Nam,

Do you watch TV ? If yes, then stop doing it. No negative news is already positive. Do some meditation in the morning and in the evening and create your own positive reality. Be your own positive role model, there is nothing wrong with you. NO need to be looking to other people to be anything for you.


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In Need Of Positive Role Models (06/20/2010)
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