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Summary of Question:Masturbation
Date Posted:Tuesday, 3/27/2001 6:38 AM MDT

I've read a number of responses you've posted about masturbation and disagree with them. I am almost 17 years of age. I am a top athlete in track and basketball in my state. I am an honors student with nearly straight A average in all subjects. I start my morning every day by going into the Gurdwara in our house and reciting Japji Saheeb with my grandfather. I have an older brother who is a medical doctor. He and I have always been able to speak freely. I have shown him the numerous responses you've posted to questions about masturbation and he has told me quite clearly that there is absolutely nothing in medical science that would verify what you say. I don't masturbate all that often, maybe once or twice per week, but when I do I find it very pleasurable and relaxing. Masturbating has not lessened my skills as an athlete or as a top student. It does not keep me from reciting Japji Saheeb. I feel that what you are posting regularly regarding masturbation is simply "old wives tales" without any basis in science or fact. You shouldn't try to make it seem that your opinion is anything more than your opinion when science says you are wrong. My experience also says you are wrong.

At the ripe old age of 16, your own experience can't tell you how 40 years of masturbation will affect you when you are 60. If you don't feel that masturbating has any negative effects on you, I would recommend abstaining from masturbation for 2 months (good luck!) and see how you feel. Western medicine is constantly catching up with "old wives tales." Some are discovered to be false, some are discovered to be true, and a good many are believed to be false when insufficient studies have been done to reach any meaningful conclusion. The information about masturbation that has been posted in this forum comes from the same masters and traditions that produced such nonsense as yoga, tai chi, and acupuncture. Old wives tales? It's your choice what you do with your body and whose research you believe.

Mangala Sadhu Sangeet Singh Khalsa

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Masturbation (03/27/2001)
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