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Summary of Question:Degh
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Tuesday, 4/24/2001 9:49 AM MDT

Dear Sikhnet

I recently asked a question about how to make degh, and got a pretty good rsponse from you and I have been practising.But I still need some help I would appreciate it if you could answer these questions.

1)I'm using unsalted butter, as no ghee is availinble here.How long are you supposed to cook the butter in the pan before putting in the flour?

2)How long are you supposed to cook the flour and butter, before putting the sugar water in ?

3)What are the ratios of measurement to measure out the different parts (water,flour ,butter and sugar).

4)When i'm making it seems to taste not cooked and seems to crumble quite a bit when it is served, it does not stay as one mass and I cannot figure out on which step I'm going wrong?

5)Now when we put the sugar water in the flour/butter mix how long do we let it cook on this final stage.Do we take it ouy as soon as it becomes one mass?Or do we have to cook it a little more?

Well I would really appreciate if you could help me out, I am getting quite dis couraged I just need some guidance.
Thanks alote and waiting tirelessly for your response.
The basic recipe for Guru's prashad is in "Victory & Virtue" at the end of the book. You can find it here on Sikhnet.

small recipe:
1/3 cup ghee
1/2 cup flour (chapatti flour works very well)
1 cup water
1/2 cup honey or gur

If you make larger quantities, do not multiply the above but use Guru Gobind Singh Ji's original formula of equal parts flour, water, ghee and gur BY WEIGHT.

Place the ghee and flour together in a pot. Turn on the heat and saute on a medium flame while you stir constantly. Recite Jap Ji Sahib or Muhl Mantra.
While you are sauteeing the flour and ghee, the water and honey/sugar should be in another pot cooking until it boils.

The ghee & flour is ready when it smells nutty or toasted and when the ghee starts separating from the flour by getting shiny and sitting on top of the cooking flour. The mixture starts to thin and turn a reddish color at this point.

This is exactly when you must add the cooking honey/sugar water. Use a potholder and stand back as you pour the water mixture into the ghee/flour you do not get splashed by the 2 hot mixtures. POUR SLOWLY.

CONTINUE STIRRING AND COOKING THE MIXTURE UNTIL IT NO LONGER STICKS TO THE SIDE OF THE POT. The ghee again will separate from the mass and become shiny on the surface of the Prashaad.

Try again.

You can make the butter into ghee by cooking it and skimming off the top impurities and discarding them. Meke the ghee before you begin the Prashad preparation.

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