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Summary of Question:Sister Ceremony
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Monday, 5/29/2000 3:30 AM MDT

Dear Moderator,

I have heard that there is some kind of ceremony which people can do in the gurdwara by which two people can become brothers or sisters with one another. From what I understand girls exchange karda's and guys also do some sort of exchange as well (saropa's if I remember correctly). Anyhow, I just wanted to know if there exists any specific guidlines for such a thing, and if so what they are.

Thanks for your help.

Waheguru Rakha


Sat Siri Akal, Ji:

No, there is no official ceremony for sisters and brothers as you describe. Sikhi teaches us that all men who are not our husbands (I'm a woman) are to be regarded as our brothers (or uncles or nephews). The reverse is also true: all women (except one's wife) are to be regarded as sisters, aunts, or nieces. So for your peers (people of about the same age) the relationship would qualify as brother (Veerji) or sister (Bhenji).
No ceremony is needed to identify a Sikh girl as your sister. She already is!

Guru rakha,

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