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Summary of Question:Bath
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Monday, 4/23/2001 10:29 PM MDT

Khalsa Ji i was just wondering if its ok to wash one's face and feet before doing Nitnem in case 1 is feeling sick...also,what to do if one is feeling lazy to go under the a cold shower but wants to do Nitnem at any cost...finally,what to do in winter? it still advised to take a cold shower?...cuz i have this sneezing problem...cold water early in the morning,mostly in winter will just mess up my system with sneezes...maybe even fever sometimes...i really dunno for the way,i tried bathing with cold water before really feels awesome!!!

Yes. You should wash your hands and face and mouth when you are ill.

Bathing is important. Cold shower's bring health to your system. The choice is yours.

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Bath (04/23/2001)
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