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Summary of Question:What Happens When U Break U R Amarit?
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Wednesday, 1/03/2001 11:37 PM MST

what happens when u break ur amrit? I couldn't keep my amrit for some reasons!

Although my parents are amritsak, they did not suggest we got amrit sak at the age of 14 and so. I love the sikh religion! I extremly admire people who
are amritsak and love their sikhi. I do want to get amrit sak later on in my life but I feel guilty and feel I have committed a sin by breaking my amrit...
Please reply back. Is it a sin?
********************************************************************************When you break your Amrit you have cut that special connection you have with your Guru. It is your loss. No need to feel guilty and beat yourself up even more. What is done is done, it is behind you.

When you drop your favorite glass on the floor and it breaks, how long do you stand there crying and beating yourself up that your glass is broken? Same here. Move on and improve yourself. We all make mistakes. Best thing is to learn from your mistakes so that you do not repeat them.

The foundation of the sin is that the Rehit is daily tools to strengthen and empower us in our every day life. The non application of the medicine might be the only sin here, since you never said what it was that you did that broke your Amrit.

The only way to break the Amrit is by committing a 'kurehit'. If you did, then move on and fess up to the Punj Piare and take Amrit again and become a better person from having had that experience.

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What Happens When U Break U R Amarit? (01/03/2001)
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