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Summary of Question:Dating
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Tuesday, 2/10/2009 8:49 PM MST

I wanted to know if it was against Sikhism to date and have a boyfriend/girlfriend. There was a girl in my school who is part Hindu and part Sikh and she dated boys and actually went on dates with them. She also did really gross and messed up stuff behind her parents backs. Is it wrong? Cuz i think it is. And one of my friends sisters who is in high school currently is very white - washed. She dates, goes on dates, goes to parties and clubs n stuff, wears improper clothes, and actually kises boys all BEHIND her moms back. I think this is very wrong. But is it actually againsst sikhism?

Dear one, It is in Sikhee to live in radiance and high mindedness. To live as a complement to the Creator is to live in your radiance and to uplift others.

Those who live in their lower centers, their passion and lust, anger greed pride and attachment are, by Guru's Grace, very far from their Guru.


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Dating (02/10/2009)
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