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Summary of Question:Piercings
Date Posted:Friday, 4/06/2001 3:41 PM MDT

i read that we are not supposed to pierce ourselves, but does this include our ear lobes?(i understand how navel piercings etc. may be excessive) i want to get the top ear cartilage bit done, but would this really be against sikh, because it would not really change ME, would it?

also, it was written in a reply that depending on where the piercing was, the consequences would be different- how do you mean? like what would the consequences be for a pierced nipple?
thanks for reading.
You are wrong. It would change you. Piercing your body is putting a hole in it. This hole 1) disrupts your magnetic field 2)lowers your identity.

You have an identity as a Sikh. This identity is a regal presentation of your entire self as a prince or princess. The Sikh form is the unchanging form of consiousness.

Piercing is a display of rebellion and has nothing to do with consciousness. It gives a message that has nothing to do with grace or human harmony.

We have values that say that our God given form is precious and serves us to carry our goodness and our God consciousness. Those that mutilate their body by piercing looking for attention.

Better to get attention through your grace and goodness and use this to uplift yourself and others.

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Piercings (04/06/2001)
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