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Summary of Question:Need Help
Date Posted:Wednesday, 12/14/2011 1:03 PM CST


First of all I would like to thank you for helping out people in need of advice through this forum.
I tried to seek your help three times before as well for different issues but never got back the answer.Hope I get one this time.
I got married 2 yrs back and am now in us.My father expired 10 yrs back due to which I saw most difficult phase of life.My grandfather helped us to get educated.I am married to a very well educated person.He is still a student.My problem is my husband is very extreme in his faith.He never speaks much Neither he has friends and relatives near us.I am all alone at the new place.Since we had told before marriage that we will not be giving dowry,his parents agreed before (because my husband wanted to marry me)but later on they played quiet tricks with me to show their anger when i was in india before coming to US.Now when I told him about this ,he just listens and later on he told me that his mother is not like that.My brother in law is very clever.He live with us and used to tell everything to my mother in law through phone.He dOnOt care if I don't like his sneaky nature because he know his brother is not going to say him anything and his parents are on his side.My parents in law support him completely though he is not even trying to get any job and wants us to live simply and keep on supporting him.When I resent, since my husband is still a student and we live on the scholarship he gets,they just don't like it.
I feel so insecure.Though my husband don't speak much,still I am happy because at least he cares for me but when his parents will come here they are going to create problem.They think that my husband is going to get good job so he should always support his brother.

Please help me what should I do .How should I deviate my mind from all this

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Bhen Ji - Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh!

The karmas are played and paid in the blood family. Your job is to remain loving, strong and graceful. Set the example. Let no one touch you with their talk or machinations. Your husband is Guru Ji's gift to you. Not all speaking is done with words. Go through the tests and show your own excellence. Meditate every day and develop the habit to connect to your Guru. Unfold the Sahaj within you. It is when your neutral mind works so well that you are not swayed by the ups and downs. All becomes steady, and a deep, balanced relaxation fills your body and your mind. In the state of Sahaj you no longer ride on the roller coaster of emotions, but instead exist at peace, flowing smoothly on the river of existence. You can do this.

All love in divine, ......G

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