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Summary of Question:I M Not Amritdhari But Want To Be ,, But I Have Done Major Kurrait 2 Yrs Back
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 4/22/2010 3:44 PM MDT


I m 27 yrs old girl...
I am from a very good family... 2 yrs back in the age of 25 i did major mistake of having sex.... In that 1 yr i had many sexual relationships....
I was unknown of wat i was doing...... I did it as i fall in love with guys... But all guys were fraud... Then after 1 yr year cried badly and come to know that not to trust any guy...
But now from 4-5 months I am in love with my religion... Truly I want to be an amritdhari gal... From 1 year I m not talking to any guy... And I treat every guy like my brother....
I just want to know that will God(Waheguru) ever forgive me if from now onwards after being Amritdhari.In future i did any kurrait... till my death...
From true heart....
I really cry every night for tht mistake.... I really want to take amrit... Can my Sin be forgivven........ I will really die like this crying and weeping till death....
I feel guilty each and every day....... God knows I really want to be out of it.... Pls help me by giving advice... Can i take Amrrit and marry an Amritdhari Sikh.... As i m kurraiti before an amritdhari


Sat Nam,

Please stop feeling guilty and sorry for yourself. If you want to be an Amridhari you can. The question is not whether you can or can not. The questions are more of why do you want to be Amridhari and are you going to sustain your commitment to the Guru after you take your vows ??
Everyone makes mistakes, if not sex... it could be eating mean, cutting hair and doing lots and lots of other things that an Amridhari person would not do but life goes on. We all grow up one day and change. Some sooner than others but everyone has a chance to change their life and live it better or just different than before.
My suggestion is for you to live your life as an Amridhari for another year or two, just to make sure that you are not still tempted to go back to a path of mistakes. And once you are completely calm and sure about yourself do move forward. Do not look back and take Amrit.
Guilt is a useless emotion. The only real thing in anyone's life is their ability to look at it very soberly and responsibly and build it the way they want it to be. And if you can do that then nothing is impossible.

Good Luck,

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I M Not Amritdhari But Want To Be ,, But I Have Done Major Kurrait 2 Yrs Back (04/22/2010)
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