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Summary of Question:What Is God?
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/01/2001 11:41 PM MDT


My question is this....what is God?....I know that he beyond time, and loves all, but what is he?....Obviously he is not like any of us. I hear people say that we are all God, or that God is light, or that we all become God when we die!, it's very confusing to have all these theories on who God is?

And another thing, once we perish do we somehow connect with our loved ones beyond this life, or do we all go our seperate ways?

Please clear these things up for me, Thanks!

God is your own Infinite identity, but you have to EXPERIENCE it to understand it. As Guru Nanak Dev Ji says so simply:

God and me are One
This is my true identity
God does everything
Beyond fear.
Beyond Revenge.
Beyond Death,
Image of the Infinite,
Full of Light
The Guru's Gift ~

Ek Ong Kar - the state of Oneness between me and the Creator.
Sat Nam- That is my true identity.
Karta Purkh - God does everything and I am just His vehicle, I have no control.
Nirbhao - I am fearless.
Nirvair - I hold no malice or enmity towards no one (Sarbat de Bala - my prayer is that all people may prosper)
Akal Murat - I am undying, eternal.
Ajuni - I was never born, I have always existed and always will (before and after my parents, who also have always existed, before and after their parents..) My soul is not bound by the karmas or drama of this life.
Sai Bhang - I am self illumined, the Divine Light fills me.
Gurprasad - everything is Guru's Grace, a gift. I see God's kindness in everything that happens to me.
Jap - In order to remember who I am, I meditate. On what?
Ad sach
Jugad Sach
He Bhi Sach
Nanak hosi bhi Sach

The Primal Truth that has existed thru time, is now and always will be.

Now, as for your question about loved ones,

We are always connected to the ones we love, soul to soul. When we leave this earthly body, we either take another incarnation and we are again with the ones with whom we still have karmas, or we become free from rebirth and merge in the Infinite Light of Akal Purkh.


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