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Summary of Question:Dead End
Date Posted:Monday, 4/06/2009 11:35 AM MDT

Sat sri akal

I don't know where to start, i just can't get myself together, everytime i put a foot forward, i fall into the same loop. i will ended up where i started. i'm not getting anywhere in life. I do sewa and path, nothing is working for me, feels like i've been blocked from all sides.
i am highly educated, and i work in a job that should be of high school graduate, with very little salary. My communication skills are zero. I been doing kundalini yoga past 2 years, with the hope it will open me up. Nothings happening. Almost 40 now, unmarried. No prospects. Couple prospects that i had never work out. I still hope to get married and have kids.
I am the sad story of my family. My family care very much for me, they been doing everything they can, path etc to help me, nothing is working. one time in my life i was leaving with some member of my family, who disliked me for no reasons. Lots of cursings and back stabbings went on behind my back, just out of jealousy. one member of my family is believed to have an evil eye/evil tounge, (whatever that means) as an educated person, i never believed in this kind of things. Consciously, i've never done anything bad in my life. I just can't make any reasons out of why my life is going nowhere.

Whoever can shed some lights into this, i will be grateful always.
Thank you
Sounds like you have a lot of critisicm and negativity for yourself. You can turn that all around by practicing gratitude. Be grateful for having a job and be grateful for having a family that loves you and so on and so on. Where you are could be a fine place if you change your point of view. Keep up being a good person and practice seeing how wonderful your life can be. If you are always thnking nothing is good for you, then that will be the way it seems.

ALSO, PRACTICE the Mantra....Ek ong kar sat gur prasaad sat gur prasaad ek ong kar. Sing it daily for 11 minutes. Also, start working out in the gym or jog in the park or around the neighborhood for 330 minutes daily. Your point of view will change.

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Dead End (04/05/2009)
Dead End (04/06/2009)
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