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Summary of Question:Marriage Out Of Caste
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Wednesday, 6/03/2009 9:36 PM MDT

Hi i am sikh jat girl and i have been in love with a white guy we have been dating for over 2 years now, my parents found out and told me to stop talking to him i tried to talk to him that we should not do this but he would not listen he says he believes in god and that everything will be okay i couldnt help my self and still kept talking to him, he goes to the gurdwara every sunday and respects my culture and religion, hes very supporting honest and caring guy pleasee give me advice what should i do??? he would be someone that i would marry in a heart beat because he has always been by my side everything ia m down or stressed hes always lifted me up with his talks about god and believeing in him. pleaseee help????????? i do path everyday and i do a lot of research of our culture online and many many times i have read that our baba ji's do not believe in the caste system???? the main purpose for SIKH religion was so that everyone treated every one equally no one is different we are all children of god.

This is up to you. You have the power and choice to decide to obey your parents and not allow yourself to be pulled by your flirtation (if it is). You also have the power to follow the guidence of your Guru. I suggest that you take a break from this guy and fill in the space with a daily meditation on SHABD HAZARE and take a daily hukam after to get Gurus' advice. Do this for 40-90 days and keep a journal of what you experience from God and Guru, SK

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Marriage Out Of Caste (06/03/2009)
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