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Summary of Question:Is It Ok To?
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Monday, 1/08/2001 12:04 PM MST

I would like to know if sikhs men are allowed to masterbate?

And why 'if not' they are not allowed?
It is not sexual intercourse! Its the relief of built up stress, (so they say!).

Dear one. You do not need to masturbate to 'relieve stress'. You need to go out and exercies and sweat to relieve stress!

Masturbation is not reccommended in our way of life. This is a spritual path for guiding you to be not just a physical being who reacts and acts on every feeling and sensation. We are not animals and you have a greater capacity for fulfillment then the physical realm.

There is a very good account on the effects of masturbation in this Sikh Youth Forum. It is quite thorough and will give you helpful insights and information or what else you can do! It is a good 3 pages so, search for it and enlighten yourself with the wisdom of 3,000 years of tecnology that Western medicine is not privy to.

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Is It Ok To? (01/08/2001)
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