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Summary of Question:Can Russian Girl Be A Wife Of Sikh?
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Sunday, 1/28/2001 1:23 PM MST

Hello! I wanted to ask just one quastion,it is very important for me to know the answer.Please,help me. I want to know can Russian girl be a wife of a Sikh male? I mean is it legal or not & in common,how do u think,is it possiable for Russian girl,which all her life was living in Russia,to stay in India?

Please,answer me,it is too important for me...
Thank u.
This is not a question of nationality. All of us are humans and creations of the One Creator.

The questions you are asking me are what you should be asking her. Does she have any idea if she wants to marry a Sikh man and live in India? If she can love the spirituality of the Sikh life and the coziness of the family...then all she has to deal with is the heat of India 6 months of the year.

Talk together. Perhaps she can come for a visit. Remember God and Guru are arranging all the affairs. We are a part of Their play. God bless you.

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Can Russian Girl Be A Wife Of Sikh? (01/28/2001)
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