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Summary of Question:Reincarnation
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Friday, 8/29/2008 11:32 PM MDT

Waheguru Ji ki Khalso Waheguru ji ki Fatheh,

My question is if in this life we try to get rid of our karmas, and abide by sikh principles, but dont follow completely the sikh way of life and have cut hair. Thus, when we die and and go through reincarnation, do we become sikhs again, or do we get born into another race or religion. And if this is so then why is it that not all sikhs understand karma and reincarnation, meaning try to understand what it means to be sikh and not live in maya, so that we can become one with god and avoid re-birth. So i guess what i am trying to say is that i think in this generation we dont really care or maybe not even understand the true meaning of being a sikh but are more concerned with westernized culture, image, and ego that get in the way and thus we fall into the cycle of re-birth. I too do not follow completely the sikh way of life of keeping my hair and doing paath daily, but i do understand the concept of sikhism, but i also want to become less influenced by westernism, and i want to help encourage other sikh youth to understand sikhism the way i see it. But how can i do this when i know
that i cant change people, and when i do talk of religion to others they think im weird or to "goody," because i dont come across as appearing to be the "religous type" What should i do?


Dear one,

Find new friends. Or, start your spiritual practice reading you nitnem. Meditating daily on Mool Mantra.
Find a Kundalini Yoga class to attend weekly. Gradually your references will change and you will find new friends coming into your life who are more interested in spiritual life.

Come join us at Winter Solstice this year in Lake Wales, Florida.

Bless you,


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Reincarnation (08/29/2008)
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