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Summary of Question:Dancing
Date Posted:Thursday, 3/22/2001 11:06 AM MDT

My question is simple

during last Basakhi, i went to a Gurdwara, and they were doing some really motivating Kirtan, in the form of Dharans, then one guy got up and started dancing. all i want to know if that is right, because for this Vasakhi, i want to sing and dance like they did during Nagar Kirtan. is that right or wrong pls tell me so i can prepare myself for Vasakhi 2001

Thanks very much for yr gracious help
The Siri Guru Granth Sahib says..."Guru's true Sikh sings, Guru's true Sikh dances, fixing his mind on the Lord".

Singing and dancing is fine when it is done for love and devotion of the true spirit. However, I think that dancing in the Gurdwara when the Guru is out may not be apprectiated by all.

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Dancing (03/22/2001)
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