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Summary of Question:Can I Trim Hair Ends
Date Posted:Monday, 7/21/2008 8:32 AM MDT

I have long hair down my breast with split ends.I have to leave them opened sometimes but i cannot due to split ends.I tried all conditioners etc but they did not work.Can i trim the lower ends of my hair as all hair experts say there is no option.I dont want to reduce length but just to have them levelled at bottom.


Dear Giggs,

You should make an educated choice.

Here are a few things Yogi Bhajan said about hair. He said quite a lot on that subject but this is what I could find for now.

1. “In order for modern man to grow and have projective mental attitude, he needs heavy protein in its purest form, which can only be supplied by the roots of the hair. If the hair is cut, that energy is used to grow it back” YB

This is especially important to know for those of us who are vegetarians and would like to maintain that healthy vegetarian life style.

2. “The most sensitive part of your body is your eyebrows. They govern your health. Plucking the eyebrows takes away the electro-magnetic field inter-current balance. You will never be able to control your health problems” YB

I also read in one of his lectures a while back even though it is absolute best to never ever cut your hair if you will chose to do it:
a. Never do it yourself because it is an extension of your aura and you will ruin your electro magnetic field.
b. Never do it with the scissors because metal will also be damaging to your field.

But if you absolutely insist you can have someone do is burn the very tips of your hair to seal the ends.

After I read this last piece of information I tried it myself to experiment. I asked my friend to do it for me. Regretfully I realized that if you burn the tips it is very hard to keep it at a minimum. The hair catches on fire very fast and can burn a lot longer of the tips than you desire. The tips don’t stay sealed for very long and you get yourself in a cycle of having to do it again and again, so your hair constantly has to use the energy to re-grow the same as it would with cutting it. You will also see that if a hair has split at the tip that means it is broken a lot higher up so it will still split up to that point no matter what you do.

Now you can chose to experiment and find out the same thing I did or you could learn from my mistakes and just learn to love your hair the way it is.

I also heard YB say once or twice that the reason your hair splits is because you think too much. All that heat of mental worries, obsessions and just plain intellectual work crates too much heat in your scull and damages the hair. The only way to prevent it from happening is through a strong meditation practice which will reduce all that mental pressure, cool your mind and will help you grow very healthy hair.

Find some meditation books on or google Ancient Healing Ways and pick something that fits your life. It is always great to be always creating and recreating a steady meditation practice through out your life so you might as well do it now even if it is just for your hair.

Good Luck,

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