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Summary of Question:Need Help Plz Fast No Time
Date Posted:Friday, 11/14/2008 8:06 PM MST

Satnaam sri wahe guru

Veer jii / bibi ji

May be u know that i asked a qusetion regarding to my job , i dedcided to start 40 days sukhmani shaib continue but my exam is going on that is i thought i will start after exam because i dont want any kind of break between these days the , then i got reply from u that
"recite(jaap) and let all opportunities come to you" then i start recite in amirtvela all 5 banies + dukhbhajni shaib + 8 astpathi sukhmani , to be honest not the all days but whennever i got energy or you whenever guru ji allow to do this result of this all thing is that i got job interview from then i go to gurudwara i did ardas then i got hukumnnam like guru said me i will do everything for u well pathi translated for me then for few days i did not do any thing in amirtvela as well as i did not get any report from job you may everything opposite to me in accourding to me well do not know what is going on with me and y because it like that this is totally from guru's wish i even did not see the newspapers or any thing one morning my friend come to and said let's apply i said look i wont get this job he said let try then i tried and got interview plz then now what should i do at last because will have last meeting on MONDAY 17 NOV 2008, Plz tell me what can i do to guru ashrward because this my last chance bye
i have started again do banies at amritvela.....

satnaam waheguru ......
plz reply me as soon as possible
Dear one,
You are doing great. You started your nitnem. Now today and tomorrow after you finish the nitnem do an ardas and pray for fulfillment in your work and studies. Go to Gurdwara also and so special ardas before SGGS.

Bless you,

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Need Help Plz Fast No Time (11/14/2008)
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