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Summary of Question:Last Names
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Tuesday, 4/03/2001 8:10 PM MDT


I heard from a friend of mine that Sikhs have castes just like Hindus. I know one is the "Jatt" caste and there are more and like hindus, people with certain last names belong to a certain caste. Could you please tell me what the other caste names are? and please write some examples of last names associated with each caste?

All I know is that in the Jatt caste there's Gill and Sekhon

Thank you
The Sikh last names most commonly refer to the name of the village that your family comes from. For example, Sant Jarnail Singh Jarnail Singh from the village of Bindran...or Brindran-wale.

Sikhs by definition have no caste. We are all of the same family of the Guru.

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Last Names (04/03/2001)
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