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Summary of Question:Caste Websites
Category:Sikh History
Date Posted:Friday, 9/25/2009 8:48 AM MDT


I have seen a website which is called jattworld. This website is aimed at all Jatts and they discriminate against other caste. The people on there seem quite young 20s-30s and they all agree with the caste system.

There one topic on there where a jatt wrote he was ashamed to be a jatt due to the way jatts thinks and he has said he is Sikh not jatt. The replies he got were very rude and disrespectful; the other jatts hates him and frowned upon him for saying such a thing.

This one guy is trying to educate other jatts that there isn’t any caste and we are all Sikh but it doesn’t seem like anyone is listening, speciality the young jatts.

I understand it’s hard to teach our parents the meaning of "no caste" but if that younger generation don’t listen then I think we will have caste for many more years to come, maybe forever!

Why don’t someone shut these caste focused websites down and stop polluting younger peoples minds with caste and who is higher and lower.

On this website you have said we all have to forget there is caste, but when you have a website like jattworld all you teaching goes out of the window to people revert back to caste.

I am a sikh (a Jatt if you want to know) and I don’t believe in caste I didn’t want to say I was a jatt but I wanted you to know someone like me can be anti caste even though I am suppose to be from a top caste group which I find silly to even think about levels/class/caste.

Thanks for reading this and keep away from the caste websites.


Dear Anon,
As we know the doors of the Golden Temple are opened from all sides to accept anyone of any race or walk of life to worship at the feet of the Guru. You are lucky to have the higher consciousness or realizing that there is no cast system in our religion and there should not be a cast system in this world. Unfortunately we can not educate all who thinks otherwise especially if they don't want to be open to it and that is OK. Life is a continuous process and they have a chance to realize everything in their own time. The best thing in this situation is to close your eyes and imagine this world in perfect harmony. Include all those people that you described above in your vision and make a prayer for this world to be at peace, for all people to unite in the same higher consciousness and live for each other.
Do this every once in a while when things like that bother you and this will be your personal contribution to the harmony in the world every time.

Have a wonderful day,


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